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Harper Perennial (2024)

Short Fiction

Tales of Sley House 2023 (2023)

Dead Letters: Episodes of Epistolary Horror (2023)

Magpie Messenger: Haunted Mansion Issue (2023)

Dark Matter Presents: Monster Lairs (2023)

Along Harrowed Trails (2023)

"The Abbey" [reprint]

Tales to Terrify: Episode 592 (2023)

Dark Matter Presents: Monstrous Futures (2023) 

Magpie Messenger: Retro Issue (2023) 

Blackberry Blood (2021)

The Jewish Book of Horror (2021)

The Ghastling (2021)

Mystery Tribune (2020) 

Lamplight Magazine (2020) 

Beguiling Miss Bennet: Stories Inspired by the Work of Jane Austen (2016)

New Legends: Castle, Caster, Creature (2016)

The Pinch Literary Journal (2015)

"Waiting to Let Go"

The Lost Country (2014)

Works: Work

Flash Fiction

Pyre Magazine Vol. 2 (2023)

Coffin Bell (2023)

Wigleaf (2023)

Coffin Bell (2022)

Black Telephone Magazine (2022)

Indigo Rising (2015)

Fifty Word Stories (2014)

Works: Work


Scavengers Issue 1.2 (2023)

HWA Poetry Showcase: Volume X (2023)

Under Her Eye: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase Vol. II (2023)

Moss Puppy Magazine (2023)

Nightmare Magazine (2023)

Rust & M0th (2023)

Of Horror and Hope (2022)

Under Her Skin: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase (2022)

Works: Features

Essays & Articles

The Strand Magazine blog (2023)

RA for All: Horror: 31 Days of Horror - Day 7 (2023)

Fright Girl Summer Book Festival (2020)

The Toast (2014)

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Her select write-ups as a Bookbub contributor can be found here

Works: Work
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